Cuddles with Mum

So, today was rMason and Mumesults day. After 20 months of Chemotherapy i have about 20% shrinkage in my tumour. This means i have a long and tired fight ahead of me and now need all the strength i can get. So once again, i am going to ask for your help. I need you all to just think about helping my cause to make other children happy, when their happiness is no longer shining bright. If you can help or donate even just £1 to my cause, that can make someone’s wishes come true, and would put the smile back on my face.

My blog is short today, and i wanted to post a picture of me &  mum . This picture reminds me how much i am loved, and how no matter what, we all continue to ‘think positive.’ So, no matter how your day has been, turn that frown, upside down.


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