Meeting Ipswich Town Football Club & Ipswich Building Society

Mason and MagicianI am so excited I have to tell you all about my half term week! Thursday was a busy but brilliant day! Billini the Magician performed a Magic Show at Ipswich Building Society to help raise money for Masons Magic. The tricks were lots of fun and there were lots of children there ready to help support us.

My day was then made complete as I went to go and meet some Ipswich Town Football Club (ITFC) players. I met Andy Drury and Lee Martin! I was so excited I could hardly keeITFC Football Players and Masonp still. They also signed my cast for me and told me to be more careful on the ice next time. We also gave them some of my Magic Wristbands to help spread the word of Masons Magic.

Lastly, since my Quest began I cannot thank the people who have made it a success. I am new to all this new technology, but Mummy and Daddy have been great at updating Facebook and Twitter. So much so, we now have over 12,000 followers on Twitter, including some celebrities.

Ipswich Building Society

Thank you Mummy, Daddy an Auntie Nat, for always supporting me and making my Quest a reality! Lets keep going and get Masons Magic on the map!


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